I get asked this all the time “Dan-what tool do you use for xyz?”

My main goal here at InboundAscension is to teach you beginner to advanced retargeting methods to implement yourself. This way you can get more leads and more conversions, for a much higher ROI on your site than you currently do.

That doesn’t mean that I’m against other forms of marketing however:

I’m a staunch advocate for Email Marketing. Why?

Continued Conversations = Sales

I still use both email and retargeting to ascend and move my readers along, and to built repeat sales systems. With that in mind, here are my recommended tools that I USE PERSONALLY

I will never recommend something if its awful

(Note: Full reviews and guides to be released at a later date)



This tool is just fantastic for maximising your roi and running advanced segmented campaigns in Facebook. You can still do similar things manually, but if you are running fully automated systems to ascend your visitors, this is the best thing I have found.

BONUS: Its about $110 cheaper per month than its next competitor

Get a 14 day free trial HERE or wait for my upcoming advanced training course.

If you cant cover the costs with your new ROI from using this tool and my training in the 14 days of implementing, then I will refund you the initial price and you can cancel your campaign with them.

Active Campaign

Active Campaign is the tool I use and recommend to build complex auto responders, marketing automation’s and generally say hi each week in my emails. I haven’t touched the surface of everything it can do yet (I don’t want to just keep giving content with out facts and figures to back it up!) but one of the features I love about this is event tracking and targeting…..

Someone on your email list visits a certain page-boom- active campaign logs this and sends them your pre written email…

Just imagine if you have email list clients looking at your consultation page but not yet speaking to you:
Do you think your conversions for new clients might increase a little?

What about if you sent them a follow up sequence instead if they are looking at a proposal hosted on your site?

There are so many options, its unreal.

It easily is up there with integration and features with infusionsoft (minus the 2k per month fee)


Entry level pricing is $9 per month and is an absolute bargain

(All my future retargeting with email marketing will be using this tool!)


Lead Pages

I use leadpages for a number of reasons (Landing Page Creation/Simple Funnel Designs) but bizarrely enough I primarily use it for collecting emails.

Leadboxes, Lead digits and other features account for almost 95% off ALL EMAILS COLLECTED on my site. Isn’t that crazy?

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