35 Essential Retargeting Resources: How To Crush Your Campaigns With Cults, Orangutans And MRI Scans

35-retargeting-resourcesHave you ever studied cults to improve your marketing?

Or how about Orangutans and how they function as a group…

Probably not

I have, but if I’m honest, I’m a little peculiar (But in a good way)

Like Ash Ketchum “I wanna’ be the very best!

And so I’ve dedicated the last few years to learning and executing everything I can to improve my Retargeting campaigns


Because Retargeting is in its infancy online

There’s not a huge amount of content out there, other then guides on how to use the tools…

And there lies the problem

Look, I know how to use a saw…

…but I doubt I could build a house by just knowing how to cut wood

You need to go deeper

Likewise with your Retargeting campaigns. You need to get more depth of understanding

You have to learn more than just the tool, so you can grow, adapt and improve

Facebook will probably change its platform every few weeks…

Those who know the process can adapt, and will beat out those who just know the tool

But like I said, the resources and teachings out there are slim…

So imagine if there was 1 book you could read that would improve you retargeting campaigns overnight?

Even better:

What if there were 38 assets I personally recommend, that have helped to shape our campaigns and deliver between 7,000-9,245% ROI with our Retargeting…

And what if each one of these books could improve your campaigns and marketing and grow your business?

(And lets be clear here, these are not just any old marketing books, sorry Seth I love you but this list is a little different)

In fact, the majority of these books are not even marketing based…

I bet you would be pretty pumped, to know what they are right?

To know what your competitors don’t and they are missing out on?

Well you are in luck, because these are EXACTLY what I’m going to share with you today

(Along with my key takeaways of how you can use them to improve your own Retargeting)


35 Insanely Powerful Resources You Can Read Today To Learn How To Skyrocket Your Retargeting Campaigns

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Behavioral Segmentation Marketing: How To Drive More Traffic, Engage Lost Leads And Get More Sales With Ascension Retargeting

This is Part 3 of a 3-part series on Retargeting to increase your sales conversions with from the traffic you already have: Today you’ll learn about “behavioral segmentation” and how its the future of online marketing

  • Part 1 – [Read It Here] – How we created a 7,245% ROI, off a single campaign
  • Part 2[Read It Here] – How an eCommerce store generated $18,750 in sales from $114…
  • Part 3[You Are Here] – Jedi Mind Tricks to laser blast your sales conversions today!

Retargeting for more sales is greatBehavioral Segmentation with Ascension Retargeting

But on its own its just a tool…

And tools are only as good as the artist who use them:

But if you can combine Sales Psychology, Retargeting AND Behavioral Segmentation

Bzzzzzzzz Whhhhummmm Whhuuummm

(Lightsaber noises)

You’re basically a mind bending Jedi


If you’re serious about converting lost leads into customers, then you need a proven system of why people buy, and the techniques to sell to them

Behavioral Segmentation allows you to understand exactly what your audiences needs, and deliver the right message at the right time, by measuring and delivering messages based on user actions…

Just imagine how powerful this can be for your business?

What effect could it have on your sales… if messages, content and ads are all delivered based on user behavior on your website

Even better?

Imagine if you can use this to improve the customer experience so that they enjoy being on your site and buying from you

Because this is the future of online sales, it doesn’t matter which industry you are in, be it:

  • Services
  • SAAS
  • Consulting or
  • E-commerce

Otherwise you’re going to be on the receiving end of an ad blocker, blowing your chances and wasting your hard earned dollars by sending more and more traffic for low converting sales…

Today you’re going to learn the 3-steps to build hot toasty leads, get more engaged traffic to your offers and convert lost leads into raving fans:

Keep reading to learn how…

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Behavioural Retargeting Case Study: How An E-commerce Store Generated $18,750 In Sales From $114 Facebook Retargeting, In 48 Hours

This is Part 2 of a 3-part series on increasing sales conversions with Behavioural Retargeting on Facebook
Think of it is a primer for how to get more sales, from the traffic you already have:

  • Part 1 – [Read It Here] – How we created a 7,245% ROI, off a single campaign
  • Part 2[You Are Here] – How an eCommerce store generated $18,750 in sales from $114…
  • Part 3[Read It Here] – Jedi Mind Tricks to laser blast your sales conversions today!

behavioural retargeting
So in our last article we showed you a basic method to increase your conversions using Facebook Retargeting

After sharing our results we had a few skeptics that it could be done again: Challenge accepted!

“Today you are going to learn how a designer used the Facebook Fishing Formula along with Behavioural Retargeting to generate $18,750 in flash sales to a low traffic site in just 48 hours…

That’s right, a designer not a marketer

And this was on a site with:

  • Relatively Low Traffic
  • Small Social Following
  • Low budget to test

Keep reading to learn how….

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Facebook Retargeting Case Study: How I Created A 7,425% ROI On A Single Campaign, In 24 Hours

This is Part 1 of a 3-part series on increasing sales conversion with Facebook Retargeting to make more sales from the traffic you already have:

  • Part 1 – [You Are Here] – How we created a 7,245% ROI, off a single campaign
  • Part 2[Read It Here] – How an eCommerce store generated $18,750 in sales from $114…
  • Part 3[Read It Here] – Jedi Mind Tricks to laser blast your sales conversions today!

Here’s the hard truth about website sales:

Facebook Retargeting with the Facebook Fishing Formula for beginnersOnly 2-4% of your website traffic will convert on their first interaction with your business.

And there are WAY too many businesses who think that driving more traffic to their business, is the key to success.

“We just need to get 1000 more page views to hit our sales target…”

And to some extent, that works….but you’re leaving 96% of that traffic on the table.

If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level, you need to start thinking about how you interact, and engage with your customers.

Otherwise, you’re casting your line, without any bait. Something will bite eventually, but you may go hungry just sitting there and waiting…

Keep reading to learn how to set up Facebook Retargeting for your business….

Increase Your Sales, Not Just Your Traffic: Click Here for a FREE downloadable PDF Checklist and if you struggle to follow along, we have included a Step-by-Step Video walk-through! Convert more of your traffic into sales with The Facebook Fishing Formula
Bonus: See how to integrate for Shopify, Woo commerce, Big Cartel and more!

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